2018 is a premiere for the festival Vox Organi (Latin for: the voice of the organ). The two festival organizers are Martin Heubach, director of the Gandersheim Cathedral Music, and Director of Sacred Music Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Flamme, chairman of Concerto Gandersheim e.V., the supporting association of Vox Organi.

The greater Lower Saxon area that stands for the festival’s subtitle holds, both in its larger cities and in its rural small towns and villages, a treasure of charming old churches where greatly unknown organs of major historical importance can be discovered. It is expressedly the festival’s goal to present these places and their instruments and thus to reawaken a public general interest in sacred places and sacred music.

The list of participants is a Who is Who of internationally renowned organists. Many concerts have an additional program of choir and orchestral music.

There is no entrance fee to any of the concerts!

Have fun and enjoy Vox Organi!